Tuesday, 8 May 2012

White - Bianco - Blanc

Everybody from Toshio Hosokawa to André Du Bouchet, from Michel Collot to John Cage and Kenya Hara speak about the "white", the silence, about the spaces between. Concentrate you on "between". 

Tutti da Toshio Hosokawa a André Du Bouchet, da Michel Collot  a John Cage & Augustin Berque parlano del "bianco", del silenzion, dello spazio tra le cose. Concentrarsi sul "tra".

Tous de Toshio Hosokawa à André Du Bouchet, de Michel Collot à John Cage & Paul Celan parlent du "blanc", du silence, de l'espace entre les choses. Se concentrer sur «l'entre».

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